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My name is Karen Begley and I am thrilled you have stopped by. I am a 33 year old Irish girl living near the East Cork coast in Southern Ireland.  I adore cooking + eating / juicing healthily + spirituality + spending time with those I love + nature + travel.

From what I can see, more and more people are adopting a healthier way of living and many are realising that their own bodies react in unique ways to certain foods.  Also rather than reaching for the pills / the quick fix, more and more people are becoming aware that what you put into your body directly affects what goes on in there.  The link between diet + disease can no longer be ignored...despite what pharmaceutical companies want us to believe!

My Story:
When I was thirteen I developed what my local GP called "acute acne".  Although he meant well my parents were quite forward thinking and took me to a kinesiologist (unheard of in 1993) to see what he had to say.  We had no idea what to expect. I met this old man in a rented office in Drumcondra.  He began to test my reactions to a variety of foods + I left with a list of foods that I was to avoid for three months.  I was sceptical at first but within one month I had perfect skin.  From this session I learnt that gluten, wheat and + yeast are simply not for me.  These ingredients leave me with very bad skin, feeling bloated + lead to almost instant weight gain!  Over the course of the last few years I have also recognised that sugar wreaks havoc on my system + so I try to avoid generic, white sugar too.  Gradually animal products have also become something that I cannot tolerate. I always felt a little bit sick after eating meat. For me giving up meat + chicken came about as seeing the animal muscle on the plate began to gross me out + I started to hate the taste.

So now I eat a gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free (most of the time), wheat-free, yeast-free and meat-free diet! I do not make complete strict rules about these...if I feel like a slice of chocolate cake I will have one.  But the difference is this: I know what it does to my body and therefore I only eat these foods in moderation.

So this blog is for anyone who, like me,  has food intolerances.  All of the recipes are wheat, dairy, gluten, yeast and processed sugar-free.  Most of them are vegan, but as I adore eggs not all are! Some of the ingredients may be new to you but trust me.....try them and you'll never look back. 


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